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My Happy Helpers

Weaning Cube Chair - White and Varnish

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Unleash the Versatile Comfort of the Cube Weaning Chair

Experience the perfect seating solution for your little ones with the Cube Weaning Chair by My Happy Helpers®. This adjustable chair is crafted from birch plywood, offering unrivaled adaptability to accommodate your growing child.

Versatile Design -The My Happy Helpers Cube Weaning Chair prioritizes the safety of your little explorers. With its sturdy construction, it provides dependable support while allowing your little ones to freely move and explore their surroundings. The dual height feature ensures optimal comfort and stability, from their earliest attempts at sitting up to their adventurous toddler years. Its ergonomic design ensures a secure seating experience, eliminating worries of slipping or falling during mealtime, playtime, or study time.

Empower Independence and Growth: Invest in the Cube Weaning Chair and empower your little ones' independence and growth. Its functional design encourages proper posture, helping them to develop healthy sitting habits. The adjustable height feature enables easy transitions between seating positions as they grow and develop. With the Cube Weaning Chair, you provide a comfortable and secure seating solution that evolves alongside your child.

Elevate Your Little Ones' Seating Experience with the Cube Weaning Chair, the Perfect Companion for Baby-Led Weaning. Let their imagination soar as they embark on a lifetime of exploration, supported by versatile comfort and endless possibilities.

 ** Single Chair Only


  • Stunning Montessori aligned design
  • Varnish Birchwood making cleaning a breeze
  • Suitable up to 150lbs
  • Easy assembly
  • Dual Seating Heights
Premium Materials: Constructed with premium European A Grade Birch Plywood 

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  • 11" (H) x 12'' (W) x 12"

  • Bottom Seat Height: 5"

  • Top Seat Height: 7.5"

Recommended Age
: 12+ Months - 5 Years


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