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4 toys you'll find in a Montessori toddler's playroom

4 toys you'll find in a Montessori toddler's playroom

A Montessori toddler’s playroom is a beautiful space to behold. Beautifully arranged and thoughtfully curated for educational playtime fun, it is pure learning and exploring heaven for your little one.

In this treasure trove of toys and playsets, you would be sure to find items that are made to develop your little one’s fine motor and gross motor skills, as well as toys that encourage open-ended creative play. Montessori toys are mostly made from natural materials, such as wood, metal and others. These types of toys have a much better texture than that of plastic toys and they are also more durable to last from playtime to playtime.

However, what are the typical toy designs that are usually found in a Montessori toddler’s playroom?

We have put together a list of some of our favourite Montessori-inspired toys that are staples of Montessori play – we are sure your little one will love them too!

#1. Wooden sorting blocks

A sorting block set offers many learning opportunities for developing minds. It can start with them exploring each shape and as they get more comfortable with their playset, they will find the perfect slot for every peg.

A sorting block with cylinder shapes is also a wonderful tool that introduces children to concepts like tall and short, thick and thin.

Creative little minds will love lining up their little block “men” and enjoy some creative play, too!

#2. Wooden Abacus

When it comes to Montessori-based toys, a wooden abacus ticks all the boxes.

Its natural materials and simple yet eye-catching design is perfect to get little minds used to problem-solving and counting even from a young age!

What’s more is that an abacus is the type of toy that “grows” with your child. At first, it can be a place to learn about colours and shapes, and as your little one gets older, become a counting frame that will develop their numeracy and reasoning skills.

#3. Gear puzzle playset

Puzzles in any shape or size are great for problem-solving skill development. Not to mention the sense of achievement a child feels when he or she has figured out the puzzle pattern!

A gear puzzle playset takes this educational activity up a notch by introducing your child to STEM concepts (science, technology, engineering, and math) and as complicated as this sounds, trust us, it is not!

Babies big and small will easily master this toy as they learn and grow, and touch and feel each shape between their fingers before getting to work to solve their puzzle!

#4. Montessori Sand Tray

Made from natural materials, this Montessori-inspired sand tray is a prime example of bringing nature into your child’s playroom for learning and fun!

Fill the tray with sand (or coloured sand for a cheeky playtime twist) and watch as your child traces their finger through the sand, engaging in an enjoyable, sensory activity.

Older children who are starting to learn how to write their names will get a kick out of seeing their names take shape in the sand - not to mention then wiping the surface clean with the wiper tool and going in for round two, three and more!

Ready to create the ultimate Montessori-inspired playroom?

There are many benefits to embracing the Montessori philosophy in your toddler’s playroom - and it’s never too early to give your children the best opportunity to explore and learn.

If you’re ready to encourage educational play into your child’s playroom, make sure to check out our range of Montessori toys. You will be sure to find loads of inspiration to get your little ones’ playtime started the right way!

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