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Floor Bed Safety

How to Safely use a Floor Bed
Every child is different. We encourage you to observe and adapt your child’s space based off of their unique abilities and needs. 

There are a lot of topics that are covered when discussing a child’s sleep and rest. 

  • Is the child getting enough sleep?
  • When should a toddler stop napping?
  • Should all toys be removed from their sleep space?
  • Should my child have a nightlight?
  • Does a sound machine help a child sleep?
  • Do I need a baby monitor/camera?

Of all of these concerns, the most important of all of the subjects is how to prepare a space for a child to SAFELY sleep and rest. There are many things to consider as you prepare your child's sleep space and some of them will be completely dependent on your child's development. 

Maria Montessori says children’s beds should be resting practically upon the floor, where he can lie down and get up as he wishes.”

The government shares that U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) advises beds “intended to provide free access and egress to a child not less than 15 months of age.” Due to this, these regulations prevent companies, like us, from selling beds that are not entirely enclosed as products for children under 15 months. 

Interested in reading more on Bed Safety? See below:

American Academy of Pediatrics

CPSC view on infant mattresses

Creating a safe sleep environment for children

What is a safe sleep environment?

Many families choose to switch their child earlier than 15 months. Others choose to wait.

We say that ultimately, as a parent you'll know what's best for your child. You know how your child sleeps, how their room is set up, what they'll need to grow and what you're comfortable with. The Montessori way promotes growth at a younger age, which can contradict with safety regulations. That's why we defer that decision to you as a parent. You know what's best for your child and home. We cannot advise whether or not your child is ready to make this transition. This is a choice dependent on your unique family and child.  

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