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Your Guide to Wooden Table Sets for Kids

Wooden table sets are great for learning, playing, storing toys… and having loads of fun!
Wooden table sets give your child their own space to flex their creative muscles with fun crafts and develop their critical thinking skills with learning activities. From Montessori tables to study desks, storage tables and more, there are so many great tables available for your kids.

But what kind of table set is right for your child?
In this blog, we break down everything you need to know about table sets to find the perfect fit for your little ones. Read on!

What makes an excellent wooden table set for kids?

child playing at table

Every child is different, so there’s a lot to consider when finding the right table set for your child! But what should you look for in a
good kid’s table? Here, we break down some essential criteria when choosing a table for your kids.

It has to be the right size

With your little ones growing every day, it’s essential to ensure their table is the right size. We recommend getting a table slightly too big for your child, so they don’t grow out of it too soon.
For toddlers, try perching them on a flat cushion until they get big enough to sit in the chair unassisted. This will help them develop their coordination skills and get used to sitting upright — without the risk of falling over!
However, make sure your table of choice isn’t TOO big — after all, your kids need to see what they’re doing!

It has to have a comfy seat

Most table sets come with chairs that have backs or stools. It’s important to make the right choice based on your child’s age, height and preference. If your child is used to a high chair, make sure their chairs have backs — this will reduce the risk of them slipping off or falling backwards!
Stools are fine for children who are comfortable sitting in regular chairs. They also give your little ones more flexibility so they can easily turn, twist and move their seats around!

toddlers eating at table
Image Credit: @lucindagram

It has to be durable

If your children love spending hours colouring, playing or painting at the table, you need to pick a table made with soft, comfortable material. While plush furniture is popular for its softness, we recommend sticking with durable materials like plywood. Plywood is sturdy enough to hold up against nicks, bumps and scrapes but is comfortable enough for long periods of sitting.

It has to look just right

We know how picky children are with their furniture, toys, games…. and just about anything!
We recommend sticking with classic minimalist sets that won’t clash with your child’s other favourite colours. For example, the Honeybake Spindle Table set features clean white and classic timber shades that your kids can dress up with their favourite cushions and accessories!
Another advantage of minimalist colours is that they have a more grown-up look that kids often love. According to the Montessori method, children respond well to being treated on the same level as their parents or older kids. Getting your child a more adult-looking table can give them a feeling of respect and maturity!

Best materials for a kids table set

girl playing at table
Image Credit: @acraftyliving

There is a huge range of options when it comes to choosing materials for wooden table sets, with the most popular choices being plywood, rubber tree wood, hardwood and fiberboard. While they may not sound too different, each material has its benefits and drawbacks that will help you make the right choice.


Plywood is an affordable wood that’s great for fun-looking kid’s tables that won’t break the bank! Plywood is easy to work with and transform into more interesting shapes and sizes for your kids’ tables. Plywood tables are also incredibly lightweight compared to other woods like timber, so your little ones can move their plywood chairs and stools around easily!
Plywood is durable enough for reliable use but won’t hold up as long as hardwoods like timber.

Rubber tree wood

Often mixed with plywood, rubber tree wood is an incredibly durable material for kids’ tables. Rubber tree wood is a sustainable option that is more affordable than timber and will last longer than standard plywood.
Rubberwood is also resistant to stains, so there’s less chance your table set discolours from food stains, splashes or paint marks.


As one of the leading hardwoods on the market, timber is known for its strength, longevity and stylish appearance. Timber tables also have built-in weather resistance that makes them easy to clean.
The main disadvantage of timber for kid’s furniture is that it’s heavier than other types of wood, which means your little ones will have a harder time moving around their tables and chairs — however, this won’t be an issue for older kids.


Despite its appearance, fiberboard isn’t actually wood. Fiberboard is an engineered material that combines wood fibres and resins — essentially, fiberboard is created by combining leftover softwood and hardwood. Fiberboard is less durable and more susceptible to water damage than other materials, but fibreboard tables are still a great choice if you need a lightweight table that’s easy to move.

Children’s Montessori tables

children crafting at table

The Montessori teaching method was pioneered by Dr Maria Montessori in the early 20th century and is designed to improve your child’s independence and critical thinking skills. The goal is to make your little ones feel respected and more grown up by giving them child-sized furniture that looks similar to adult furniture.

The Aspire Montessori Table & 4 Chairs set is made with clean, minimalist European birch plywood. With the addition of low legs (bought separately), this table can be lowered to function as a floor table for toddlers, which makes it an excellent choice for long-term usability as your little ones grow up!

Study tables and desks for kids

child learning at desk
Give your little ones their own learning space with a children’s study desk! As your children enter preschool and kindergarten, it’s important to give them a dedicated spot to learn and grow as it allows them to keep learning time and fun time separate.
We recommend choosing a sturdy, high-quality desk made from hardwood or other similar materials that will last them through kindergarten and well into their early schooling years. Our Hardwood Study Desk features a retractable middle-divider that can be pulled up to help your little ones study separately. Pull the divider up to reveal a hidden storage compartment underneath!

Storage tables for kids

Storage Desk with Tubs
Image Credit: @today.our.children

Storage tables are an easy way to keep crayons, paints, storybooks and more in one convenient place! Some tables like the Forest Table feature handy lids on top of hidden compartments, so your little ones can easily grab and store their activity items in one spot.
Storage tables also introduce your kids to important organisational skills by showing them how to arrange and put away their favourite items!

Kids’ multipurpose tables

Boys playing a table
What do we mean when we talk about multipurpose tables? A multipurpose table set is essentially a table designed for many uses including:
  • Eating
  • Learning
  • Painting
  • Group activities
  • Arts and crafts
Whereas desks for kids come with storage slots and wider surfaces to fit multiple books and pencils, a multipurpose table doesn’t have a specific function incorporated into its design. Our multipurpose tables are available with one, two or four chairs, perfect for group activities or pretend tea parties!
A multipurpose table is what most parents look for in a great table set — something that can be used again and again for different purposes depending on the time of day!
If you’re looking for an all-in-one table set, a multipurpose table like the SOHO Natural/White 4 Chair Set or the White Top Timber Table is a great choice for your little ones.

Find the perfect wooden table sets with our extensive range at My Happy Helpers!

At My Happy Helpers, we have a huge range of wooden table sets in durable, child-friendly materials like plywood, rubberwood, hardwood, fiberboard and more!

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